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Auto-scale and Auto-heal your state-full Apache/tomcat service on OpenStack

Architecting and building a web service in the cloud age is quite simple. Options range from web site generators such as Wix, to Paas providers such as GAE, all the way to the traditional LAMP setup hosted on IaaS that … Continue reading

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On-borading state-full highly-available applications to the cloud

Deploying highly available state-full web application to the cloud using Cloudify. Deploying web applications to the cloud is a growing trend. Cloudify is a one if the popular tools that let you do it with ease and turn it into … Continue reading

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HPCS is going into public beta

HP Cloud Services is an HP cloud initiative that is just about to launch as a public beta after several months in private beta. This is a new cloud offering that is based on the open source OpenStack project which has gained significant traction … Continue reading

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OpenStack public cloud by HP & RackSpace

OpenStack community is an open source community focus on providing cloud computing platform. It started in 2010 as a joint project of NASA and RackSpace based on work done in NASA and quickly gain traction with over 150 additional companies … Continue reading

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WebSphere on demand using Cloudify

WebSphere is know as an enterprise grade application server. However, it is less common in public clouds and is not often chose for young companies building web services from ground up.  One of the reasons that WebSphere is less common … Continue reading

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GigaSpaces Cloudify & OpenStack based HP Cloud Services

I started doing some joint work with GigaSpaces this week and I wanted to share one of the results of this week – integrating GigaSpaces with the new HP Cloud environment. HP Cloud Service is a new initiative currently in a private … Continue reading

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