Buying a Porsche on eBay and driving it to Israel – Episode 2

In the first episode i described our first attempt to bring Yoram Porsche from Saint Louis to Israel. 
This first attempt turned to be an eventful rollecestor starting from realizing that were stacked, going through multiple attempts to fix the situation, till the point where we decided that it will be best revert back to where we started with the great help of the original Car Sellers, the angles of the trip. During this experience we also learned to deal with some really “bad Karma” experiences such as being busted by a local police, being thrown away from the hotel etc. During this experience we also met lots of good people and many others who supported us morally starting with our family and friends that supported us every step of the road.
Interestingly enough on my way back at the airport i learned from a nice lady that i met at the United Lounge that our story resembles an Israeli movie named Metalic Blues. I found it quite amusing – i can definitely see how the background for our trip could serve as a good inspiration for another movie of that sort – but  to make it more entertaining well have to modify the script quite a bit – changing the police with a Mafia, Yoram could be the car dealer and i could play Ivgi – actually that’s not that far from reality  🙂
Anyway in the last episode we didn’t accomplished the mission of bringing the car to NY.
This is now our second chance to accomplish this mission. The plan was that Yoram will join me to one of my next trips in order that i could escort him again.
We took few lessons from the last attempt.
  • Don’t drive over holiday or long weekend
  • List a couple of garage on the road that you could call in case of emergency 
  • Put enough time margins to allow better flexibility incase something goes wrong
And of course – the main lesson is expect the unexpected. The last experience did a great job on this regard so i felt that we don’t need any additional mental preparation 🙂
During the six weeks following our trip, Robert, the seller, replaced the master and slave cylinder and its line to make sure we are covered on this front from A to Z. Thank you Robert!
To minimize the chance for bad karma we also decided that this time well keep quite, below the radar until well know that reached a safe harbor.
A Lucky Start 
Our original plan was that Yoram will take a private ride and will join me to one of my next trips.
Two weeks before the trip we got involved with an opportunity which required Yoram help.
It just so happened that the opportunity happen to be based in Saint Louis! 
This was a first sign that the this time the Karma might actually work on our side.
The Planning 
We had to adjust quickly our travel plans to take advantage of this opportunity.
To minimize the travels over weekend and at the same time finding the right timing that well fit Nati’s meeting schedule we decided that this time well split the ride. 
Yoram will drive from Saint Louis to pick the car and well start driving the first lag of the trip on his own. We figured that Indianapolis would be the right place to join forces.
Day 1 – Carlinville, here I come
After a very good visit to the prospect and having a great discussion topic for the lunch breaks, I drove my rental to the nearest Hertz office to Carlinville were Robert is based … 45 miles distance. 
While waiting, I did not miss the chance to check out the local ice-cream counter while waiting… you could feel the Halloween is around the corner…
I told Robert this is were I have to return the car and Robert did not hesitated to offer me a ride back to his place – sweet 🙂
During my preparations to this trip, I did a list of things that may bring the car to a stop and require us to have a part 3 to this trip, the top item that came up in the old fuel lines that may start leaking fuel at some point and combining this with the long drive which may get the engine very warm, it could cause an engine fire and not only stop the car, but can also burn the engine.
The recommended precaution measure was replacing the fuel lines at the engine bay, not a hard job, but still a job requiring several hours of labor.
When I mentioned that to Robert, he happily volunteered to assist me with it and once we arrived to his garage, we immediately got down to business and made the replacement. Robert’s help there was again instrumental…
Night at Carlinville
We parted late at night and I drove the car to the near by Carlinville Motel – Carlin Villa. 
It was no Hilton by any measure, but being dead tired as I was, I slept like a baby.
The next morning, after a quick breakfast, I drove to meet Robert at his work place – a John Deere branch, went over a last minute checklist and made sure all fluids were topped off. Robert and I parted out and Robert wished me good luck and told me I can contact him if I run into any trouble again.
Heading to Indianapolis
My first destination was Indianapolis, over 300 miles away.
I drove alone starting with about an hour in small country roads, from there to Interstate 55 and later to Interstate 70, which will be the main highway all the way to Pennsylvania.
The drive went smoothly and I drove relatively slowly and with caution to make sure I get familiar with the car and am ready for any unexpected warning sign…
By early afternoon I arrived at Indianapolis. 
Nati and I scheduled to meet at Indianapolis right after he was done with his business meetings. His flight ETA was 1AM
Talking with my wife, she had a “great” idea of how I can spend the several hours I had… she found me a near by (almost 50 mile away) huge shopping mall and started sending me ideas to stuff she would want, not to mentioned that she also asked me to surprise her with more stuff…
At the mall when I spoke with Nati before his flight took off, Nati had a brilliant idea… Let’s skip the night sleep and drive straight to Columbus Ohio…
By 7 pm I came back from the Mall and found a cheap motel to lay my head for a few hours until Nati flight lands. I also suggested Nati to reconsider his plan and at least come back with me to the motel to freshen up before the flight, but Nati dismissed the idea without second thoughts…
Day 2 – Driving from Saint Louis and Meeting at Indianapolis
Picking up Nati and driving to Ohio (Yoram).
Remembering the last time at STL were I circled the terminal dozens of time waiting for Nati until the car stopped, I waited this time for Nati to let me know he landed before I drove. In addition, his 1am flight was probably the last flight for the day since the terminal was empty and no one pushed me to drive away once I parked in front of the arrival gates.
Once Nati came out, we immediately started our journey. 
Meeting at Indianapolis (Nati)
I had few important meetings on Thursday morning so i took the 4PM flight from San Jose to Indianapolis which arrives at 1AM.
Driving over a sleepless night (Nati)
As soon as i realized that i’ll be going with the red-eye flight we made another adjustment to the plan – rather than parking at Indianapolis well take advantage of the night and drive through to the next lag right from the airport.
Settling down (Nati)
To make the trip entertaining we had to had some good music to escort us through this long journey.
We called Eliza again to be the Chief Music Officer and she set us with a nice playlist which you can find here… Even though the car is 30 years old the owner fixed an audio cable which was good enough to plug my iPhone as media device.
Unfortunately the cable plug had a loose ends issues so i had to use my electric engineering skills and fix this while Yoram was still driving. I only had finger sizer at my disposal but that did the trick and after an hour of trying to find the right spot where the loose ends was broken i was able to fix the cable and we were ready to rock & roll!    
Spontaneous drive 
Based on the last experience and the fact that we took a sleepless night drive we didn’t really new how much we could push on the first day.
So we basically set no specific target and decided to drive until well feel exhausted. And that’s what we did.. we went from one leg to the other, did short coffee stops until we decided that its time to meet the beautiful nature around us.
Our first stop: Columbus the capital of Ohio.
We arrived at 5AM to Columbus so it was still pretty dark outside and most of the stores were closed.
We were able to find a nice coffee place near the university area and had a good salmon bagel and coffee a pretty popular combo..
Getting Busted by a police – Again!
We went from Colombus Ohio on our journey toward our next stop.
As we crossed from Ohio to West Virginia we saw lots of police cars on the side of the road.
Yoram and me started joking that it would be funny if we will get basted again as in last time.
Few minutes after we joked about it we saw the siren light on our mirror and indeed we got pulled away again! – Lesson to self – be careful with what you wish for!!
This time the police man stopped us because we had a paper sticker on our rear window instead of a plate and that got the policeman attention.
Unlike the previous time we became friend with the policeman who liked our story so we ended up just with a warning ticket and some hiking recommendation in the area.
First Break – Biking in the great scenery of  Wilderness Voyageurs
West Virginia at this time of year is so colored with Stunning Colors of Autumn 
We decided that we had to find a place to stop by and get a real feel of this great views.
A quick search in Trip Advisor brought Wilderness Voyageurs as the spot we were looking for.
Wilderness Voyageurs. is a nice place for whitewater rafting and biking which sounds a perfect fit.
Unfortunately we could’t take the whitewater experience as we came in too late so we settled for a nice bike ride along the river..
As you can see in the picture the scenery was absolutely amazing and so was the ride..
From  Wilderness Voyageurs to Harrisburg
Encouraged by our accomplishment so far and the smooth experience we decided to set an ambitious goal for our first day ride and aim to Harrisburg where we planned to station through the night.
First stop Lunch – Family restaurant
The road is situated in a fairly un populated area so finding a restaurant along the road wasn’t an easy task especially since we wanted to find something with some local taste.
We found a nice family restaurant who served traditional food.
Washing the car 
After lunch Yoram decided that we have to wash the car.
A quick search in google brought us to a self service car washing experience.
It was quite an interesting experience – one of the things that clearly would never work in Israel.
We had to spend good amount of time to learn the system and after that the process was fairly smooth. You swipe your credit card and than switch a selector which push the soap or high pressure water for washing. After 20 min we got a shiny car. Were now ready for our last stop for the day.
Ending a 750 miles ride at Shitty hotel 🙂
I did a quick search in Trivago and found Howard Johnson a 60$ hotel which also offered breakfast at that price. We decided to give it a shot and add chip motels to our american experience checking list 🙂
Well theres no surprises – the motel was quite old and stinky but we had too large beds and a shower all what we needed after a long day of driving. At first we planed to sleep for an 1.5 hour just enough to get us filled for tour in the city. As you could imagine once we got to the bed the best party i could think of was sleeping and indeed this was the best sleep i had for the entire trip.
The breakfast was surprisingly good pancakes and cornflakes and even fresh banana just enough to get us filled for the morning.
Day 3 – Drive through to New Jersey and New York
Knowing that we passed more than 2/3 of the road in just over a day gave us the confident that indeed this time the Karma is with us and we can be much more relaxed. Having a good sleep also helped to get us fully energized for the next day.
You haven’t experience the american experience if you haven’t experienced shopping at the Jersey Outlet Gardens..
With that state of mind we figured that this would be a great day for shopping at the famous new Jersey Outlet and buy some stuff for the family back home who gave us the support and moral help. 
This is where i discovered that Yoram shopping skills far exceeds mine, a heritage i guess of living 6 years in NY. By the time i was still wondering around looking for American Eagle he almost finished his entire shopping duties! 
The coupon Experience 
Coupon is a strong part of the buying clatterer in the states.
Interestingly the mall have a special arrangement for tourists  in the form of a coupon book. The cuopons are provides fairly substantial discount in many stores but requires a bit of planning if your really want to make the best out of it.
Burger & Milkshake @ Johnny Rockets
You can’t feel the  American experience without being at a good Burger Restaurant. Johnny Rockets is considered a classic on this category. – We ordered a good milkshake which is served fulll glass plus another glass with the spares ! that by itself got me full so i ordered a salad and Yoram took a small traditional hamburger.
We ended the first part of the shopping happy and full and now were set for the closing round….
The shopping turned out to be more exhausting experience than the entire drive! 
Another change in plans
We ended our shopping experience around 17:00 – at this time i started to digest the fact that were few minutes from the EWR airport and the next united flight home leaves around 11PM enough time to jump on it – and indeed that’s what i did.
Yoram continued to NY and i was able to take the flight home and arrive a day earlier.
Finally at NYC (Brooklyn)
I arrived by myself to the hotel and stayed the night. In the morning I drove to the city, met Eliza who prepared out playlist we used during the trip and we had a morning coffee together..  
Driving to the Porsche shop @ Nyack
From there, I drove over to Nyack, NY, another good 50 miles north of the city to bring the car to it final destination for the next several weeks. 
This was a Porsche shop specializing in 944 model that I got recommendations for being honest, reliable and professional and therefore, I decide to leave my baby with to get all the maintenance done on it before shipping it over to Israel. This is very important since this car is very rare in Israel and any parts it may need, has to be imported from abroad. In addition, no mechanic in Israel knows this car the way this shop does…
I decided to make a short stopover on the way to Nyack on the Palisade highway at a place it let you drive by the Hudson and take some photos of the cars there before I say goodbye. 
Once I arrived, I saw a NY state trooper in his car and my old Porsche without license plates immediately triggered his attention. He stopped over next to me, did not even get out of his car and start asking me questions. I told him the story and he seemed quite happy and impressed by it. He told me the car looked great and that he also has an 80’s car he keeps as a hobby – a Delorean… He did not even check my documents an gave me the green light to continue my trip.
Once I arrived at shop at Nyack I met Nyol whom I talked over the phone many times before and he took me to a tour of his small kingdom (on a Sunday!). It way like a Disneyland for old Porsches and he had all kind of suggestions and improvements I could make to the car – I felt like a kid in a candy store.  Oh, I wished I could have stayed there longer and also had the budget for taking on all of his suggestions, they were all good and it was obvious he knew what he was doing…
Once we wrapped up at the shop, Nyol drove my over to the train station. 
I took the train back to NYC. Weird feeling to leave the car and go by public transportation after the last few days and also a bit sad to know I will not see it for at least four months…
Final Words
This trip was a great experience that i will never forget. It was also a lesson on persistency, optimism and friendship along with great views of parts of America that i didn’t knew before.
I hope that despite the difficulties this story will serve as an inspiration for other to follow.
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