HPCS is going into public beta

HP Cloud Services is an HP cloud initiative that is just about to launch as a public beta after several months in private beta. This is a new cloud offering that is based on the open source OpenStack project which has gained significant traction and interest in the last couple of years.

GigaSpaces recently announced its partnership with HP in this area through Cloudify, to enable easy development, deployment and lifecycle management of your application on OpenStack.

Cloudify basically injects itself into the IaaS instead of relying on preexisting support in the cloud images. Its approach for describing applications and services as recipes brings PaaS and DevOps much closer together.

In addition,it enables you to design your multi-tier app without any constraints and dictations from the platform, and then by using Cloudify recipes you can deploy, monitor and manage your app on any cloud.

Over the course of the last few months we have been testing different application use cases and configurations managed by Cloudify on HP Cloud Services.

In this post, I want to share with you a deployment of one of Cloudify’s bundled examples,  a typical web application, a travel application running on Tomcat and Cassandra.

With Cloudify, you define recipes that describe your application and its underlying services, and then Cloudify takes care of deploying it to any cloud environment.

Initially, during development, you may want to run a local test.

This first video walks you through setting up a local cloud environment and deploying the travel app in two simple commands.

After we tested it locally, the second video walks you through deploying the same exact application without any changes to its code or to its Cloudify recipe, and then deploying it on the new HP Cloud Services.

Similar to the local cloud, it takes only two simple commands to provision the compute resources, grab all of the necessary code and binaries, execute and monitor the application and its underlying services


he new HPCS offering is a great addition to the Cloud.

Personally, I think that choosing OpenStack as the underlying technology to power HPCS is a wise choice by HP that will be most beneficial with enterprises keeping their options open for going private in-house, private hosted by HP, public or mix and match between the different options.

Moreover, having HP as a big supporter is huge for OpenStack and I am sure HP will contribute to OpenStack’s maturity and its independence.

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